Article Writing Services – iWriter vs. HireWriters

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to today's main event - the head to head battle for your outsourced content creation favor. I've got a sneaky feeling that this is going to be another massive post, so grab a cup of coffee and settle down for a long read.

We have the two main contenders here squaring off against each other. In the red corner iWriter, and in the blue corner HireWriters.

Both claim to be a champion for getting content outsourced quickly, easily and cheaply, so I decided to put them to the test in this head to head comparison.

A lot of people say that the quality of the writing from both of these sources is weak and should be avoided, but I'm here to see if that is true.

​By posting the articles that I receive completely and unedited, you too will be able to compare the different levels of writing offered by iWriter and HireWriters.​


To keep it fair, I have created identical projects on both of these sites.

Exclusive Bonus: Download the exact script that I used when requesting these articles, along with my top ten writers for both of these services as well as the full Grammarly reports for each article.

Round One - Basic Writers

Basic writers on both sites are defined the same way, they are unrated writers basically. Usually, when you pick this level (the cheapest) you're scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality, so it will be interesting to see how they stack up against each other.

The article I have asked for is for the keyword "Lemon Water" for a health and fitness blog. I requested that it is interesting, informative and written in a list format so that I could quickly insert excellent images for each point. At the end of it, I, hopefully, have a decent article that would be ripe for sharing on social media.

Getting these articles was a lot more painful than usual. The first iWriter article submitted was garbage and had to be rejected; the second was good, so I accepted it. I've posted it below in its raw form as I received it from the writer.

The HireWriters article was even more painful, after waiting the full 24 hours, I got a terrible article - so I fired that writer and the article was again taken by another writer. Yet again, I managed to have a 24 hour wait before they delivered... Another piece of crap. Third time lucky, an author picked up and delivered an article within an hour - got to say I was losing patience with the site at this point.

If you want to read the articles yourself to see the type of quality, then they are both posted unedited (I added bold text only) as I received them.​


Lemon Water - 12 Benefits

That little yellow fruit in your fridge is good for more than you realized.

Lemons are packed with health benefits that can keep you energized, awake and feeling great all day long.

So squeeze some lemon juice into a glass of water, drink it warm in the morning or carry it in your water bottle to enjoy throughout the day.

Here are 12 amazing health benefits of lemon water.

Keep your body sparkling inside. There's a reason that so many cleaning products smell like lemon. Lemon has been used as a natural cleanser for centuries. When you drink lemon water, you help your body flush toxins out of your liver, kidneys and blood.

Wage a war against heartburn. Try drinking lemon water as a natural alternative to over the counter heartburn relievers. You might think of lemon as acidic, but it actually reduces acid in your body helping you to avoid heartburn.

Beat your bad breath. Don't worry about offending the person next to you with breath that smells like coffee, food or worse. Use lemon water to keep breath smelling clean and fresh.

Soothe your sore throat. There's a reason your mother tells you to drink tea with lemon when you have a cold. Lemon doesn't just add flavor. It also works as a powerful force to cleanse and calm a painful throat.

Crank up your energy. When you find yourself feeling that afternoon drag, drink a glass of fresh lemon juice to wake up and keep moving. Dehydration can make you drowsy, and sending a wave of lemon water through your body will keep your fluids flowing. The lemon is a natural energy booster that tells your body it's time to crank up the energy.

Balance your pH. Lemon may be acidic, but it moves through your body as an alkaline. This means that it can help to keep your body's pH in perfect balance.

Keep blood sugar spikes at bay. Avoid the blood sugar roller coaster by drinking a calming glass of lemon water. The potassium in lemon helps to control the sugar in your blood so you can avoid the spikes and crashes that zap your strength all day.

Destroy bad digestion. Lemon water can be extremely helpful in handling digestive problems like gas, constipation and diarrhea. Drink a glass of cold lemon water or enjoy warm it warm each morning to see a difference in how your body handles foods.

Clear your skin. The cleansing properties of lemon can be used to keep skin clear and clean. Drinking lemon water cleanses your body from the inside out, helping to blast the dirt and toxins that can clog your pores and create blemishes.

Break down fats. Enjoy a glass of lemon water before a meal that contains heavy fats. Lemon helps your liver produce bile, which breaks down fat in your digestive system. This means that you will find it much easier to digest that bacon if you have some cleansing lemon in your body.

Protect yourself from sickness. Lemon is powerhouse of vitamin C, which we know helps boost immunity against nasty colds and flu. Some doctors even believe high doses of vitamin C can reduce the effects of a cold.

Be happy! It's true. Just the scent of lemons can lift your mood and help you fight depression and anxiety. Lemons give you more than just flavor.

Drink some lemon water each day and see how it can change your life.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the world's leading writing enhancement app. It checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations.

​It gives you a score and suggestions about how your articles can be improved, and as it's an automated process - I felt that it could be used as a fair way to compare articles. Now I know it doesn't really dig into the content, which is why I will also be analyzing the articles myself as well.

Grammarly - automated analysis of the articles

Score (out of 100)









Conclusions - for the price (iWriter $3.00 and HireWriters $2.75) - I'm actually somewhat pleased with the quality of both of these. Both are pretty well written and researched - if you had an authority site that you were building out then adding a bunch of articles like these wouldn't be a bad start. You'd obviously need to spend a bunch of time finding images for every point, so that the article was more share-able on social media.

If I had to pick a winner, I'd say that the HireWriters article was better written, a more enjoyable read, and flowed better, but it took several attempts to get there. I don't think it's worth sacrificing quality for a day or two of waiting time, so my advice for the budget article would be to go to HireWriters every single time.

Incidentally, this has been my own personal experience outside of this experiment, that for the sub $3 range articles (PBN sites, Web 2.0 sites, lower quality Guest Posts and possibly even 'filler' content on your authority sites) - the HireWriters articles are consistently higher quality.

Why do I think this is the case? If I review who has submitted me the articles, I see many 4-star and above writers on HireWriters. On iWriter, I get mainly 1-3 star writers with the occasional 4. I can assume from this that the HireWriters pool of available writers is much smaller, with less newbie writers willing to chance it with copied and spun articles.

Round Two - Premium Writers (those with ratings of 4.1 stars or higher)

You'd hope that by choosing a writer with an average rating of 4.1 ​and higher, that you'd get a better quality of article. We'll soon find out if this is the case when we review our product review articles.

I picked, at random an item off Amazon. It's a popular men's electric shaver. A very typical product for the Amazon affiliate sites that I know are so popular these days.

I personally always use experts in the niche that I find on Elance and oDesk ​for these types of product reviews, so I was interested to see what the writers produced.

The iWriter article for premium writers​ is $5.50 for 500 words (so $11 for the typical 1,000 word review) and HireWriters was a touch more expensive at $5.75 for 500 words ($11.50 for 1,000) but both very similar in terms of price.

Again iWriter delivered the article quickly and the first person to write the review didn't do anything for me to reject it, so speed wise very quick.

HireWriters, on the other hand, was proving somewhat more stressful. Again a 24 hour wait for a terrible article, followed by the same, another 24-hour wait and a shocker of an article. I'm wondering if the 'writer' who picked up the job was outsourcing it somewhere in order just to take a small cut as a middle man.

When I finally got the HireWriters article - a full 72 hours after I requested it, I was pretty impressed. The writer had followed my instructions carefully and wrote a decent article.

You can read both of the review articles below.​


Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 - Hands On Review

​I purchased the cordless Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 because I wanted a powerful shaver that would give me a close shave without irritating my skin.

I was not sure about this shaver at first. After using it for several months, I am pretty convinced that it is one of the top shavers.

Aquatec Technology

The shaver is designed for wet or dry use. I use my gel or foam in the shower, and I get a neat shave every time. I also use it when I am out of the shower, and the shave is just smooth and clean.

Being able to shave in the shower is very convenient for those days when I am running late for work.

DualPrecision Heads

The holes and slots in the heads are designed to give a quick and comfortable shave, and they do get close to my skin. The heads gently lift and remove the hairs below the surface of my skin without dragging or nicking.

Skin Protection System

In addition to the DualPresion Heads, Norelco adds the Pivot, Flex and Float System, which allows rounded and low-friction heads to pivot and adjust and easily follow the contours and curves of my face and neck.

In addition, this system quickly and easily removes and catches all the hairs on my face, neck and jaw line. Plus, I do not have to use much pressure to shave, which cuts down on skin irritation.

Pop-Up Trimmer

The integrated pop-up trimmer is another great feature on this shaver that I enjoy using. It is the perfect tool for precisely trimming, shaping and grooming my sideburns as well as for grooming, shaping and trimming my mustache and beard.

Cordless Operation

After I charged the shaver for about an hour, the lithium-ion battery allows me to shave for about 50 minutes before it needs recharging. When I need a quick shave, it only takes about three minutes for the shaver to charge, which is good for one cordless shave.

Anti-Slip Grip

The ergonomic design and unique grip provides gives me complete control of the shaver. Plus, the anti-slip materials on the shaver makes it easy for me to shave with compete precision and comfort.

This is ideal for when I am shaving in the shower with wet hands.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning this shaver is a breeze. Just rinse it under warm water and use the cleaning brush that comes with the shaver to remove any hairs.

Pros And Cons

There are many pros to this shaver, but there are some cons a well.

First the pros:

    precise neat shave

    does not irritate my skin

    anti-slip grip

    cordless operation

    easy to clean

    trimmer for grooming

    pivoting heads

Now for the cons:

    cannot be plugged in

    no battery indicator

    short battery life

    heads rotates slowly

In my opinion, the Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 has much to offer. It gives me a clean and neat shave, and it does not irritate my skin. I like that can use it in the shower, and I enjoy using the trimmer for grooming my beard, mustache and sideburns. Plus, the shaver is fairly inexpensive and comes with a money back guarantee, which makes it a pretty good investment in my book.

Grammarly - automated analysis of the article

Score (out of 100)









Conclusions - I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the iWriter article and while I was impressed with the other one, it certainly wasn't without fault. The iWriter article really isn't that well written; I certainly don't think it's up to the required standard for the authority or money sites we're building recently. The HireWriters article is well written but it's a little dull. I guess that's one of the downsides to writing fairly mundane product reviews like these...

I personally think that if you are careful in interviewing writers who are expert in your niche on Elance then you will be able to beat the quality and match the price of using Premium writers on iWriter and HireWriters.

If you are pressed for time or need to have a lot of articles written in a short time period, then the parallel writing capabilities of article writing services such as these do have a massive appeal.​

Round Three - Elite or Expert Writers (those with ratings of 4.6 stars or higher)

I wanted to pick a slightly unusual use for the third and final test - content for an auto-responder series.

If you run an authority site and aren't actively building your list, and setting up ​fantastic content for your subscribers then you are missing out on an incredibly useful resource in traffic generation. There are many sites which will go through the numerous reasons why you need a list, and one of my favorites is Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. Here's what he has to say...

​Anyway, I digress. For this content, I went with Elite/Expert writers. On HireWriters and "Expert" writer is someone who has at least 12 jobs completed with an overall rating of 4.6 stars or above. On iWriter, an "Elite" writer is someone who has written 30 articles and a has a rating of 4.5 or more stars.

Unsurprisingly HireWriters was slower to deliver the content. I had to reject the first submitted article, but the second one read well and has been posted in its entirety below. The cost here starts to widen out, with 500 words costing $13, a typical 1,000 word article (which is the minimum length for publishing on my sites) starts to add up a bit, at $26.

The iWriter article was the first attempt, which was nice to get something decent first time around.​ The price for 500 words of "Elite" content is $10. I'm sure you can do the math; a 1,000-word piece would come in at $20.

Take a few minutes to read through both of the articles below.

Exclusive Bonus: Download the exact script that I used when requesting these articles, along with my top ten writers for both of these services and the full Grammarly reports for each article.


How To Obtain Quality Content Using Freelance Writers

Using websites such as and to obtain content for your webpage is both an affordable and effective method. However, there are a few things that you as a client can do to help ensure that the content you have ordered meets your expectations.

How to determine a fair price for your articles

When placing an order for content it is important to keep in mind that quality writing does come at a price. More often than not, when a writer is browsing jobs their eyes are fixed on one of two things, the word count and the compensation.

First you will need a topic for your article.

Second you will need to determine the length of the article.

Next, ask yourself "What kind of article do I need written and what tone should it be written in?" (friendly, aggressive, funny, formal, informal, professional...etc)

Once you have that down you will need to ask yourself "How difficult will this article be to write and is there plenty of information on the topic for the writer to find?" (Sometimes, providing an informative link for the writer can be a good way to point them in the right direction.)

Depending on the difficulty of the content it is usually best to start at slightly above $0.01 per word for short and easy articles and up to $0.05 per word for the longer and more difficult articles.

Compensating a writer fairly will ensure that your assignments are not only of good quality, but are finished within the allowed time.

Writing detailed instructions

Once you have determined the pricing and difficulty of the article that you desire, it is time to place the order for the article itself.

It is important when placing your order to remember that, the more detailed you are with your instructions, the more likely the writer is to understand the job before accepting it.

Explain to the writer what your website is and the kind of readers that you expect the article to attract. As well as the tone you would like it to be written in.

Also, if there are any specific keywords that you would like to be used, tell the writer where exactly (within the article) you would like to see them used.

The best method is to write your instructions in a friendly and humble tone, make the writer want to work for you.

Extra incentives

Offering writers extra incentives for quality work is a fail-proof form of motivation.

Offering something as simple as a good review can be the difference between a 4 star article and a 5 star article.

The best incentive that you can offer a writer, is an increase in wages, (a tip) if the article exceeds your expectations. If you are seeking a sure fire method of obtaining a writers best possible work, then this is the one to use.

Finally, if you are happy with the content that a writer has submitted be sure to give them a good review and offer a few words of thanks. You may just need them again.

Grammarly - automated analysis of the article

Score (out of 100)









I was actually quite pleased with both of these articles, they both offered genuinely useful tips and the writers both utilized their own experiences (as writers themselves) to give a real insight into what they look for when picking articles to write.

The iWriter article used a few odd turns of phrase, which I'd have to spend some time replacing if I were going to use it, but I preferred the way the writer laid out the report. The HireWriters article was very good I thought, but considering they knew the article was for webmasters who wanted to outsource content, I think that they leaned a little to far in favor of just paying the writers more to get their best work.​

I think either of these could be used as an email in your auto-responder series without much work. You'd obviously need to personalize it a little bit and maybe make it more in line with your writing style, but it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

The prices for these articles cause me some concern. At $10 for the iWriter and $13 for the HireWriters article - they are well above the usual price that I pay for expert written content by using a hand-picked freelancer with experience in my niche via Elance or oDesk.

Conclusion - Again I favor the HireWriters article a little bit more, but if I'm honest I think the best way to get content at this price point would be to find and interview a single writer that you can use again and again on sites like Elance. It's a lot more effort the first time through the process, but once you have someone who writes well, at an agreed price with consistent quality, in my opinion it's a far better bet.

So, can you get decent content from article writing services such as these?

​Yes and No, is the unfortunately, ambiguous conclusion...

For lower end writing tasks you can get some really good content that is great value for money - through HireWriters.

For the mid-range articles, neither impressed me that much, I think if you are careful about writing clear instructions and providing a detailed brief it's possible to get OK content. Price wise it's only slightly cheaper than finding a writer on Elance who has experience in a particular niche. You could successfully these sites as a short term strategy - i.e. 10 product reviews for a new site, which if it starts ranking then maybe switch to a dedicated writer.

For the expert articles, while they were good - I felt that for the price it made much more sense to find and use a single writer from a site like Elance. It will be a lot more work at first, as you need to interview and test out who is good, but I think for consistent quality and writing style the effort and time is well spent.​


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