How I gained 16.6k Followers on Twitter in 3 Minutes

We all want popular looking twitter accounts right? Who's cooler, the guy with 50 followers, or the guy with 5,000 followers?

Here's a little tip for all you guys building out PBN domains, which might, if you're lucky - get you set up with a natural looking twitter account, complete with followers and tweet history.

It's pretty simple, but I'd be surprised if any of you were actually doing it with domains you were considering buying, or indeed domains you own already.


In this example, I'm looking at the domain ''. It's an old dropped domain, with a handful of back-links - none of them very good, so I'm happy to share the exact domain - feel free to register it if you like it, but it's not going to be of much use for a PBN site.

OK, so in Google search for twitter and you'll see that there is a twitter account with the same handle.

Click on the twitter link and find out what the account is like. Ideally you'll see a link pointing to the domain that we are looking at, it's another point indicating that the domain and the twitter account are linked together.

In this case we're in luck, I can see a nice link to the domain and that it has 242 followers. Not amazing but really useful for our purposes.

Check the Registration Information

OK the next step is the most important. For this to work, whoever set up the twitter account HAS to have used an address with the domain we are thinking about buying.

You can't know for certain, but you can have an educated guess.

On the Twitter website, click 'Log In' and then 'Forgot Password'. Enter the handle of the account we are looking at, in this case flyroulette and then click 'Search'.

Twitter will show you a heavily stripped version of the email address, but it's usually enough to determine if the account was registered with the domain, or with a generic email like gmail, hotmail or yahoo.​

​The stars do NOT denote letters, you could have a 20 character long domain and this page would still show one letter and then three stars.

Looking at this slightly cryptic message, chances are they DID use the domain when setting up Twitter, which means that it's going to be possible for us to liberate this account very easily.

If the account was set up with (h***.**), (g***.**)​ or some other private email, then you're out of luck - you won't be able to easily grab the twitter account.

Register Domain and Reset Password

Register the domain and setup some hosting for it. If you use CPanel then it's really easy to set up a catch all email address. The reason you have to use a catchall email is because we don't know the full address used, so we have to cover all bases.

Set up a catch all email address on your domain and reset the password via twitter.

You'll soon receive an email when you can reset your password and take ownership of the twitter account.

Check Other Platforms

Remember also to check the other social media platforms, pinterest, facebook etc, as you may be able to perform the same trick to pick up a few social media accounts.

The account I got recently with 16,600 followers also had a Flickr account and a Quora account.​ There was also a Facebook group with over 1,000 fans but unfortunately they used a third party email account to set this up, so I was unable to get access to that.

I recently posted this tip in a private PBN group that I am a member of, and one person has already reported that they were able to resurrect a twitter account with 4,000 followers. Nice!

How did you get on? Did you manage to get some social media accounts set up easily and for free? Let me know in the comments below.


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