The 5 Minute Guide to iWriter

What is iWriter I hear you cry. Well simply put it is a service that you can use to outsource content creation. The service uses a large pool of writers to ensure, no matter how many article you need, you get them within a short timeframe.

Update - I recently wrote a very comprehensive article comparing iWriter and Hire Writers on a price-quality basis. You should definitely check it out - Find Out More.

There are literally thousands of freelance writers registered with the site, and when you request an article to be written - it will be picked up by an available, interested and rated writer to be written especially for you.

The articles you receive will all be passed through copyscape to ensure that they are unique, so that's one thing straight away that should give you confidence.

How do you ensure that your iWriter articles are of the highest quality?

I often hear that people are unhappy initially when they start using iWriter with the quality of the articles that they are receiving. The reason for this, is usually they don't choose the higher rated writers, nor provide clear and concise instructions.

Choose Premium or EliteWhen you request your article to be written, I recommend that you choose to submit to Premium or Elite writers only. The writers are ranked by the buyer on each article they right, so by selecting people who have a ranking of 4 out of 5 or higher, you increase your chances of getting an excellent and useful piece of content.  A nice feature about iWriter is that they believe you should never have to pay for an article you're not happy with. If you don't like the article you get, you have the option to click "reject" and place it back into the queue of writers to write.

[quote picture="" name="Brad Callen - owner iWriter" align="right"]

3 tips from Brad Callen

  1. Submit to premium writers on iWriter
  2. When you get good articles, which should be 96%+ of the time with premium writers, save them to your favorites list.
  3. Submit new projects to ALL of the people on your favorites list.[/quote]

Clearly Defining What you Want

When requesting articles - it is fairly self explanatory, but here are a couple of tips to help ensure that you get the best out of the service.

For the box entitled "Article Purpose" I would enter something like this:

This article will be used on my website. The article should be informative and interesting and completely unique. I will instantly reject any spun articles so don’t waste both our time.

And for "Special Instructions" I would enter something similar to this:

TITLE: Your Headline.
Also please follow these guidelines clearly, or articles submitted will unfortunately be rejected.
- Use Subheadings to break down the article into sections
- Use a bulleted lists at least once
- Do not use overly verbose language to bulk out the article
- Do not worry about keyword density, write naturally.

Many thanks, if you write well I will add you as a favorite writer, so you will get better rates when writing for me next time.

You should definitely add writers who produce a good article to your favourites list, so you can build up a private group of writers who you trust to produce excellent content.

Added Value Services - Spintax

When you get an article delivered, you'll not only have the option to download the article, but also you can download article with spin tags. This is super useful if you want to use the main article on your site (recommended, as the original article will be of higher quality that the spun articles) and submit spun articles to article directories, or other third party sites in order to garner a backlink.

You'll want to paste your article with spin tags into a service such as this or use it in an application such as Rapid Rewriter to generate spun copies of your article which you can use as you see fit.

I'd advise reading the spun articles for grammar before you submit them, as the addition of spin tags is automatic and not foolproof, sometimes you end up with nonsense text.

Ranking your iWriter Writer

I've had many articles written on iWriter, and have generally been pleased with what I have received - although when an article is first delivered, my reaction will be one of the following.

  • Awesome article, can use as is - will rate 5 stars.
  • OK article, can use it, but will need to rewrite parts myself will rate 3 to 4 stars.
  • Not good, it reads badly, is poorly written, will rate 3 stars or lower.

It is very important to rate writers as a buyer, because it limits the writer and the articles that they can apply to write. If I was looking for Elite writers only (rated above 4.5 stars) they need to have a very high average ranking.

By ranking poor writers down, it helps to naturally order writers by talent.

Automatically Publish to your Blog

Well it took a bit of digging, but I found a hidden video on the iWriter website explaining clearly how to setup one click publishing to your blog.

This is a super useful feature, but one that I found hard to find out information about, so watch the video a bit lower down the page, and hopefully you'll get it working!

To find this function, go to your “Articles Completed” page here:

Instead of clicking the link to download your article, you'll see a link titled “Upload Article To WP Blog” located directly below the download article link:

iWriter Upload to WordPress

Click that link and you’ll be take to the page where you can add an unlimited number of blogs to iWriter.

Here's an iWriter video explaining exactly what you need to do to set up each blog that you would like to publish to.

Click here to watch the video


This is an invaluable service for me, I use it on a regular basis and have had some tremendous articles written for my niche sites, as well as for my Private Blog network. I particularly like the spin tags that can be inserted automatically, which when combined with a service such as Article Submitter Plus, can allow you to syndicate unique content across the web with ease.


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