10 Simple Steps to

Page One Rankings

What Everybody Ought To Know About Building Their PBN

Revealed - the simple ten step process that I have used time and time again to rank on page one of Google.

If you know anything about Google and ranking websites, you understand that back links are the driving force behind your position in the SERPs. Need to rank higher? You need more back links.

Sounds simple right, but you don't just want any old back links, they won't help at all and may even harm your current search rankings.

What you do need is high quality, in content (also called editorial) links from websites that are trustworthy and respected.

Now both you and I know that getting these types of links naturally is damn near impossible, so - how is it, some people can rank websites time and time again.

The answer as I'm sure you well know is Private Blog Networks.​

PBNs Are Expensive To Build, Difficult To Maintain and Hard To Keep Under The Radar... Right?

If you are starting from scratch then yes, they can be expensive and time consuming to build and maintain.

Once you have built enough of these sites, you'll establish your own process that is efficient and repeatable. One that avoids many of the pitfalls that beginners fall into time and time again. It took me a lot of time, money and effort to really get my process fine tuned.

These 'rookie' mistakes can be incredibly costly, leaving a footprint that Google or other marketers can pick up on, discovering not only your PBN sites, but all your money sites as well as the keywords you are targeting.

Worried About Google Discovering Your PBN? - You should be. Building a PBN without considering footprints is likely to end in tears. Keeping it very quiet and under the radar is key.

The PBN's that got de-indexed in 2014 were NOT private which is why they were discovered so easily. None of the PBN sites built using my PBN Blueprint were deindexed.

Tried and tested methods for every stage of the build

One-on-one support whenever you need it

Monitor SERPs for Ranking changes, and more traffic

Avoid Wasting Time & Money
Follow a Tried & Tested PBN Blueprint

Without a solid plan, you may underestimate how many links you require, as well as how much time and effort is required to build a PBN.

There are many steps to building a PBN, and unless you have done it before you could easily waste time and money.

- Finding a powerful domain

- Finding a great registrar

- Covering your footprints

- Building out a site​

- How to link to your money sites​

- Finding unique class c hosting

- Finding premium themes for free

- Deciding on plugins

- Where to get content


Below you can see what we cover in detail on the comprehensive PBN email course:

  •  Email One - Planning Success. Planning your PBN is very important, you need to establish some kind of measure for how many links you will actually need. What sort of timescales you should plan for and roughly what cost will be involved.
  •  Email Two - Keyword Difficulty. If you aren't completely sure how difficult your main keywords are, you won't have any idea how many PBN sites you need to build. I layout three ways to analytically measure keyword difficulty including access to my Keyword Difficulty Spreadsheet which will allow you to clearly come up with a plan to follow.
  •  Email Three - Finding Great Domains. In this section we talk about where to find domains with existing backlinks and authority. I'll go over 8 resources where you can pick up domains as well as giving you a strong warning about why you should never buy domains from auctions.
  •  Email Four - Registrars and Hosts. Where do I continually find unique class C hosts for under a dollar a month? What steps should you take when registering your domains to ensure that you don't accidentally leave a huge red flag out for Google.
  •  Email Five - Building Out Your Base Site. Everything you need to know about setting up WordPress, finding themes and what plugins you should (and more importantly, shouldn't) be using on your PBN sites. I'll also cover what pages you need to create to give your new PBN site a genuine look and feel.
  •  Email Six - Site Security and Stealth. Explained exactly how to protect your site from a list of common footprints, the easy mistakes to avoid and how to protect your money sites from malicious marketers who just want to steal your keywords.
  •  Email Seven - Adding Content. How much content should you be adding? What sort of content should you be writing? This section covers all aspects of adding content to your site.
  •  Email Eight - Linking to Your Money Sites. Don't make the mistakes I see many people making when linking to their money sites. In this email I provide seven techniques you can use to give your links a really natural look so you never fall foul of any over optimization penalties.
  •  Email Nine - On Going Maintenance and FAQ. In this penultimate section we cover the ongoing maintenance that a PBN requires, and also cover many of the frequently asked questions that I have been asked over the past 18 months.
  •  Email Ten - Rinse and Repeat. Building out a full PBN is a marathon not a sprint, I offer advice for the beginner in this session about managing expectations as well as the whole building out process.

Grab the PBN Blueprint and leverage my experience of building PBNs.

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