The 5 Minute Guide to Spinning

What exactly is spinning? Spinning is an SEO (search engine optimization) technique that can be used to provide unique content for use on yours and other websites.

The basic premise of spinning is that you (or an automated thesaurus) provides alternative words/sentences that will systematically substituted each time you "spin" the article.

An example will show more clearly how a technique like this can work. Below you will see a sentence written with spin tags added. The curly brackets encloses the available synonyms and the pipe symbol (|) is a separator: {Good morning|Hello|Hey there}, what a {beautiful|amazing|fantastic} day.

Will be able to produce the following permutations of the phrase we started with.

  • Good morning, what a beautiful day.
  • Good morning, what a amazing day.
  • Good morning, what a fantastic day.
  • Hello, what a beautiful day.
  • Hello, what a amazing day.
  • Hello, what a fantastic day.
  • Hey there, what a beautiful day.
  • Hey there, what a amazing day.
  • Hey there, what a fantastic day.

Predominantly people will write one article, and spin it 100 times so that they can publish 'unique' articles across the internet, with an embedded back link pointing towards the site they want to increase the rankings for.

Why is spinning useful

Quite simply, it takes far less effort to create 100 unique but spun articles, than it does to write 100 articles from scratch.

Why do you need unique articles?


Google tries to provide the most appropriate and highest quality results to its visitors. Having duplicate content (i.e. the same article across 10 different sites) isn't a good experience for the searcher.

To fix this, Google removes duplicate content from the search engine results. To ensure the maximum amount of your articles remain in the search index, it makes sense to have unique articles so they don't get ignored for being duplicates of another site.

Another reason, if you are guest posting articles on other peoples blogs, then usually a requirement of that is that the article is unique. By re-writing your article with spinning software, you can create many unique articles with less effort.

“A lot of people don’t fully understand content spinning or don’t put the required time and effort in to create a high quality spin that will pass human moderation.

If you think that spinning doesn’t work anymore then you’re doing something wrong”

Automatic Spinning

This is when words are automatically replaced to create unique content. Replacement is usually done with a large internal database of replacement synonyms  i.e. the word "good" could get replaced with "great", "fantastic", "awesome".

It is very quick to do, but due to context, the results may be nonsensical and are obviously not written by a person.

If you had the phrase "This product is a heap of junk" most people would understand what I meant.

If you take the word "junk", one of its synonyms is also "boat" - it's possible with automatic spinning that you could come up with the phrase "This product is a heap of boat" - which makes no sense at all.

Manual Spinning

A far better way to spin articles, but one that can be time consuming is to manually spin by rewriting each sentence 2 times.

In effect you are writing the article 3 times but with some assumptions (600 word article, roughly 20 words per sentence) which has a possible 27,000 combinations.

You can then manually replace individual words across the article, that will in no way be ambiguous - to create an even more unique result.

There is a neat little application that I use for writing and spinning my articles which is called Rapid Rewriter. I will be writing and publishing an article on exactly how I use it shortly. If you want to be informed when this article goes live, then simply enter your name and email address in the form just below.


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