Guide to Installing WordPress and Posting in UNDER 5 minutes

Many people get daunted about the technicalities of setting up a blog on their own domain. But you have no reason to worry.

An excellent hosting company called Bluehost make it so simple to create a WordPress blog with their One Click WordPress Installation.

One-click Installation is exactly what it says on the tin. Click one button and boom, you've got a new blog.

I made a tutorial video for you - in it, I show you EXACTLY the steps that you need to take to register a domain, sign up for hosting, installing WordPress and making your first post.

The best thing about it? I do it ALL in UNDER 5 minutes.

To follow this tutorial exactly, you'll want to click on this link and get ready to set up your first website quicker than making a decent cup of coffee.

If you know anyone who is struggling to take action and get there new site up and running, do me a favour and send them a link to this video. You'll not only be helping me out, but helping them out as well.

If you prefer to read your tutorials, or if you can't get YouTube on your computer then please find the transcript below.

After you've watched the video it would be awesome if you knew anyone who was struggling with this, to forward them this tutorial!

Welcome to this tutorial.

Today I'm going to show you just how easy it is to get your very own blog up and running on a brand new domain name.

Firstly click on the link above this video to load the bluehost main page, once the page loads you're gonna want to click on the big green 'Sign Up Now' button.

To make this easy we're gonna use bluehost to register our domain and handle our hosting.

Type in the domain we want to register in the box and then click on the next button.

If you see a congratulations page, then awesome you picked a free domain! If you have chosen one that is already registered then you have to pick another one that is available.

Next you will have to enter in your personal details, I'm going to pause this video while I enter mine.

And then we have to choose the package that we want.
You get a discounted rate if you pay up front for 2 or 3 years.

I never personally bother with the domain security, site back up or the search engine jumpstart - though I would suggest considering the domain whois privacy.

Enter your credit card details (again, I'll pause the video briefly while I type mine in) and click on the big blue next button.

The next page is basically upsells, have a read through and see if any interest you, but for this tutorial I'm going to be skipping them all. Click on the Complete button at the bottom of the page to complete your order.

Next you'll be taken to a confirmation page where you can set your password. This is the password for your bluehost account - Click on the big blue link entitled Create Your Password and enter your new password twice in the fields.

I HIGHLY recommend you choose a strong password by clicking on the password generator button.

Type it in twice and click on the Create button.

Once you have created your password you will be prompted to log into the blue host control panel. The username will be pre-populated so just enter your password and click Login.

When you are logged into your bluehost dashboard click on the cPanel icon. Cpanel is your web hosting control panel. you'll get a couple of helpful popups asking if you need assistance but you can just skip right on by those. Click on 'I can do it', and then click on 'take me to cPanel'

Once in your cPanel you should see an icon with the title 'WordPress' give it a click. You'll be directed to the Mojo Marketplace where we can get WordPress installed on our site.

You might have to wait a few seconds, but once it's loaded click on the green start button to begin. Choose your domain from the dropdown (you will actually only have one available) and click 'Check Domain'. You will see an 'Oops' error message, but that is normal. Tick the box saying you want to overwrite the files and then click Check Domain again.

The next page you have two tick boxes, the first one - Show advanced options is where you can enter in your sites title, a tagline, and where you should copy your username and password from. Keep these credentials safe as you will need them to log into your site.

Tick the second box saying you agree to the terms and conditions and then finally click on the install now button.

Now we have to wait about a minute while wordpress is downloaded and installed. You'll be kept informed of the progress by the messages on the screen.

Once it's done you'll see an installation complete screen where you are given all the details of your site. You should print a copy of this page for safe keeping.

Click on the login URL and we can log into our brand new wordpress install.

Enter your username password and click login - and welcome to your WordPress dashboard.

To create your first post, on the left hand side, hover over posts and click Add New.

This brings up the post interface. It's very much like writing an email. Enter your post title in the title box

and in the main white box on the screen we can begin entering our blog post.

I'm just going to type in some text, but you can also add in images and videos to enhance your blog posts.

Once you have finished writing your post and are ready to publish it for the world to see, click on the 'Publish' button on the right side of the screen. This saves your work and makes it viewable by anyone visiting your site.

To view your post, all you need to do is click the 'View Post' link that helpfully appears at the top of the screen.

And there you have it, your first blog post on your own domain published in all it's glory!

I hope that you found this quick tutorial useful, if you have any questions or comments about this guide, then please feel free to either add a comment to the blog post, or add one to youtube. I'll personally help you out if you get stuck.

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