If you are looking to build a list, quickly and easily - you have to be using the new Thrive Leads plugin. Capturing your visitors email address with stunning templates and powerful split testing features make this tool a must have for anyone serious about growing their list.

By using a plugin like Thrive Leads, you don't have to rely on a single way to generate leads - and it combines features from several plugins meaning your site is leaner and faster and more efficient for you to manage.

Over the next few weeks I will be expanding this article with more and more details and case studies, so be sure to bookmark it and check in again if you are on the fence about buying this tool.

Introduction To Thrive Leads

As mentioned I've had a few days to play around with Thrive Leads - if you've been on the blog at all, you will have noticed it on my PBN post.

The main focus for this leads plugin is on conversion and split testing. Not just the regular split testing stuff like changing the color of buttons, or changing the copy (which you can easily do) but cool stuff like exit intent popup vs slide in form.

The Thrive Leads plugin has some really nice testing features and the way they have built it in it's very easy to use.

In the admin panel you have three main sections, I'll break down what is in each of these below:

Lead Groups

Lead groups are opt in forms that will be placed on your site automatically (you can clearly define where they should and shouldn't be used).

On one of my authority sites, I have 4 different categories and for each category I have a different free lead magnet for visitors.

For example - with Lead Groups I can easily create 4 forms for my 4 offers and make sure they only display on the correct posts and pages.

These optin forms can be styled and behave very differently:


Long horizontal form that is 'stuck' to the top of your page.

A traditional 'popup' that is displayed on top of your content.


A form that displays in the widget area of your site (usually the sidebar)

Post Footer

A form that will be appended to the bottom of your posts.

Slide In

A non intrusive form that will slide in when certain attributes are met (i.e. someone scrolls down 50% of your page)

Now when creating these forms you can of course split test them easily against themselves, but you can also split test them against each other.

What's more effective at capturing email addresses, a Ribbon at the top of the page, an Exit Intent Popup or a Post Footer Form?

You no longer have to guess as you can just set up split testing in a few clicks to determine which really is best.

Lead Short Codes

Short codes are short-codes for signup forms that you can quickly insert into your content.

Each short code lead you create you need to create one or more sign up forms.

You use the built in visual editor (which is excellent) to create a form for your visitors to fill in.

Wherever on your site you use the short code, the form will be displayed (fully responsive and mobile friendly).

If you want, you can make multiple forms and run them as a split test against each other.

With just a single short code, you can find out easily which design and copy is converting best for your visitors.

2-Step Lightboxes

These are really useful if you have 'content upgrades' for each post. You can 'trigger' a lightbox being displayed when the visitor clicks on a link, a button, an image etc.

You've all seen them right, Click Here to download my PBN checklist etc.

This is what they have added the two step lightboxes to achieve. Like everything else, you can split test as many forms as you want to see which is converting the best.

The plugin will actually automatically choose the most effective form to display once it has 95% confidence that it beats the control, so setting up split testing is a one time - set and forget thing if you want it to be.

Split Testing - By Design

Let me walk you through a quick example of how I used the split testing features. I'll be expanding this section in due course when I have more data and insight to give you.

I'd always used in content buttons for my content upgrades, which usually convert at 5%.

I built a single form, which I added a Lead Group for a single post.

I then split test Exit Intent popups versus Timed (30 second) Popup.

My Control (exit intent) converted at 4.92%
My New Test (timed popup - 30 seconds) converted at 9.82%

Literally a test I had set up purely for checking out the features doubled my signup rate.

Steve Rendell

That means for every 1,000 visitors that page gets, I'm able to get 49 more subscribers that I would have previously.

I'm super pleased with that already, but plan to do a lot more testing, looking carefully at the copy, graphics, the colors etc as well as comparing the display options, I'd imagine that I could get that up to 20% CTR.

That would be a 4 fold increase compared to what I'm currently getting. MUCH easier than driving 4x as much traffic to my site (thanks Google...).

Simple Reporting - Dashboard

With all this potential testing and central place for all opt in forms, you naturally gather a lot of data. Now I know from personal experience that this can very quickly become overwhelming dealing with all the numbers.

With Thrive Leads you get a clear dashboard which shows you your overall conversion rate (exactly right - focus on a single figure) when you log in.​

And the big benefit of having all your optin forms centralized is that you can compare them against each other. I mean, if you were to ask me NOW what my opt in rate in my post footer was compared to my side bar and also compared to my content upgrades I wouldn't be able to put an accurate figure on it. Sure I could guess at a ball park number, but I'd be literally pulling figures out of thin air.

Thrive Leads covers this with a pie chart (mmm pie) that shows the breakdown of where your signups are coming from.​

What About Templates?

Yup thankfully the guys at Thrive paid someone to build a bunch of high converting and sexy looking templates - meaning I can stop letting myself down with ugly opt-in forms...

These all come as standard and I'm reliably informed that there are going to be more added over time.

Is this plugin without fault?

Much as I'd love to be able to say that this plugin is perfect, alas it isn't.

There were a couple of niggles with error messages getting displayed - which has been fixed by the developers, and I had an issue with the split testing functionality conflicting with my caching plugin.

The Thrive developers and the WP-Rocket developers (my caching plugin of choice) are talking to each other, so hopefully they will come up with a solution.

The current solution is to just exclude the page I am testing from being cached, which isn't a huge issue. Once the tests are run, I just start caching the page again with the optimal lead configuration.

I tested it out with a couple of other caching plugins W3 Total Cache and Super Cache and it worked perfectly, so I think it will only be an issue if you use WP-Rocket. That said, the support guys were quick to look into my problem and I was happy with the temporary 'fix' they gave me to get me up and running properly.

Continual Improvements

From my previous experience with their themes and the Thrive Content Builder they have a solid team of really good developers who support the products and are very active in continued development and refinement.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is also what they will do with the Thrive Leads - adding new templates, features and tweaks to it over the months and years ahead.

They will just keep making it better and better and better. I promise that!

Should You Commit?

Now - should you pull the trigger and purchase this plugin? In my opinion, if you gather leads (and small hint, YES YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS) to market to your customers via email then this is a must have.

The split testing alone is worth it so you don't have to deal with Google Experiments (hateful interface).

You also get access to a whole bunch of templates, which is a huge time saver for us non-designer types.

I personally think that the amount of time you'll save with this plugin dealing with content upgrades, split testing, and, not to mention a central place to manage all your opt in forms is well worth the small investment.

p.s. If you purchase before the timer runs out - send me a copy of your receipt and I will send you over your bonuses.

If you don't buy before the 24th February you'll have to pay the higher price as well as missing out on the WP Sharely bonus. You'll still be able to get hold of my Copywriting Swipe file, cos I love ya.

Want A Video Review?

If you prefer to watch a video, check out Shane Melaugh walking through the key features of Thrive Leads in this video. He covers a lot of the basics, enough to get you up and running quickly when you pick up your copy.​

Picked up your copy? Let me know what you think about it below in the comments.