WooCart Review – Hosting built exclusively for WooCommerce

More than a decade ago, WP Engine became the first managed hosting for WordPress. WordPress was already becoming more than just a blogging platform and there was a large demand for managed hosting and not just general shared PHP.

With more than 7 million installations of the WooCommerce plugin, the team at WooCart thinks it's time for WooCommerce managed hosting. I'll tell you what this means exactly in this review.

Hosting on Google Cloud

The primary concern of all store owners is page speed. High page load correlates with poor conversions. Therefore, if you want a successful store, you need it to load fast.

WooCart addresses this on many levels. The first one is hosting on Google Cloud Platform, the premium cloud service in which infrastructure is used also for all Google services.

The second is dedicated resources. With most WordPress hosts you are sharing resources with other sites on the server. This means that if they act up and slow down the server, your site suffers. Not with WooCart. They offer dedicated resources for all plans, even the smallest one. This means better speed and easier maintenance.

Lossless Staging for WooCommerce

One of the big annoyances with WooCommerce, staging, and existing hosts is that they don't cover the use case of live and staging stores. There are usually no changes on a static corporate website when you leave it online and test things on staging. Not so with stores. If you have staging created for days, you will receive orders on the live store. So how do you merge the live with staging? Well, very hard. You need to export products and customers and import them after you publish staging. Otherwise, you'll lose everything that happened on the live store.

WooCart solves this with a WooCommerce-specific solution, Lossless Staging. Since they host only WooCommerce, the system knows that there can be new orders and customers on live and site changes on staging, and both need to be merged. They do all this automatically, with just one click so there is no loss of order or customer data.

Store Wizard and Turnkey Store

If you build many stores per month or are new to WooCommerce, you'll appreciate the Store Wizard. It will create a new store configure it, localize it and add language packs just based on your input on where you're based and where you sell to.

Turnkey Store is an extension of the Wizard and gives you an option to create a simple WooCommerce store with just one click. It will take a theme, give it basic structure, add demo products and graphics, and configure everything so it could start selling within an hour. This is a great way for quick experiments or when you need to put a store online fast.

Easier Maintenance and Management

WooCart also built tools to make maintenance and management easier. Error and Traffic logs help you troubleshoot common errors. If you ever encountered WP's White Screen of Death, you know the troubleshooting usually entails disabling all plugins and then enabling them one-by-one so that you find the one that has an error.

WooCart shows you the exact error and what the culprit was. You can then easily disable it and get your store back online. It's as simple as that. And best of all - the errors are readable and you can figure out what went wrong even if you're not a developer.


WooCart is not a cheap hosting provider. They are clearly in the premium managed hosting space and it shows in their features. For stores, and store owners, that make money the money will be well worth it. Just an hour saved a month with easier maintenance, or an additional order because of faster page speed, will more than cover the difference to a regular shared WordPress host.

You can try them out in a 7-day free trial, plus they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not only that, for stores in development they have a very inexpensive plan that costs just $9. It runs on mywoocart.com subdomain and you can use it as long as you don't set your own domain.

Learn more on WooCart Managed WooCommerce Hosting.

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