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Giving extraordinary value to my readers is my ultimate goal. I want this site to be one of the leading resources for niche sites and authority sites.

Buy putting in the hard work now, you can enjoy a passive income stream month after month.

I only publish the highest quality articles on my site, which are stuffed full of actionable tips and advice.


Expired Domains that Boost Rankings!

Find Powerful Domains with great backlinks! Millions of domains, 350,000+ added daily!

Spamzilla is an incredibly powerful tool for detecting many types of SEO spam automatically.

The best domains are selected for automated spam checking

Spamzilla analyzes historic data & backlink data

Review 12 tabs of data that Spamzilla analyzed

Discover only clean domains with Powerful backlinks!​

Build Your Own PBN

If you don't do it right, Google will discover your Private Blog Network and will not hesitate in completely de-indexing your sites and penalizing your money sites.

In this 5,000 word​ guide (which is completely FREE) I walk you through, step-by-step teaching you how to build a solid and inexpensive network of sites that can rank your money sites.

Need more help or one on one support? Check out the PBN Blueprint.​

My Personal Toolbox

There is nothing better than personal recommendation, which is why I have built this section.

This authority site builders toolbox is links to all my trusted tools, plugins and resources that I use on a daily basis.


Price shouldn't be your only concern when selecting a web host. You need to really go off personal recommendation and it seems every person you ask will give you a different answer. 

A Small Orange

'Homegrown' hosting which comes very highly recommended.

Support staff are on the ball and very happy to work out any problems you have with your site.

Excellent support and excellent hardware - easily coped with a 275k visitors in 24 hours - by far the best host I've ever used and the cheapest.

TSO Host

UK based hosting company who have a very good reputation in the hosting market.

Willing and helpful customer support coupled with solid servers means that you'll not have to worry much about your website.

Price is competitive & affordable.​

Media Temple

Media Temple offer slightly higher spec hosting with a price to match.

Support is very helpful, but you are limited to the number of databases you can create with the basic account.

Recently I have encountered quite a bit of downtime, random server errors and unhelpful support staff. While I still recommend them, I'm close to leaving.

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